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Steven Smith, aka Director S. is the owner of Legacy One Productions. A staple pre- and post-production house in New York City. When Steven reached out to Your Wish Digital, we knew a website to not only showcase but reach a larger audience where his work as a filmmaker, director and post-production artist could continue to flourish as he navigates the New York and now, Texas film market, was absolutely necessary.


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Our Solution

We started with an audit and overview of his social media accounts to see who his current audience is. From there, we looked into competitors in the same market that offer similar services and developed target persona. Finally, we identified some ways to improve his offerings using surveys and we talked to customers in need of video production services. We went onward and designed an easy-to-use WordPress website that would enable clients to find and hire him and his video production services quickly. 

The Results


We indexed his newly completed WordPress website into Google, Bing and Yahoo, setup Google Analytics and created a Google My Business account for him. Steven saw an increase in requests from potential clients and brands interested in working with him. 

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