Case Study: Denver Bach; Direct Booking Site.

Client Overview: Tackling the chaos left by a lackluster website from Boostly, we wiped the slate clean, revamped the design to match the brand’s vibe, and fixed lagging issues caused by oversized media files.

The result? A sleek, user-friendly site optimized for SEO, featuring Hostaway’s booking PMS software for seamless direct bookings.

The Challenge:

  • The client’s existing website posed multiple challenges, primarily stemming from their association with a third-party development company which claims they cater to Airbnb hosts.
  • Communication delays and unaddressed change requests were common issues, and the website suffered from inefficient optimization.
  • Large media files led to performance issues, causing lagging errors that affected the overall functionality of the site.
  • Direct Booking, WordPress Widgets unresponsive and not working as they should and a PMS software that had little to no-documentation on how to address a produce they promote. 



Example of Site Issue Before We Took Over

booking site not working

The Development Stage | Our Process

Your Wish Digital aimed to address the client’s challenges by implementing a strategic overhaul of the Denver Bachelorette website. The primary goals included enhancing user experience, optimizing the site for search engines (SEO), and incorporating advanced features aligned with the brand. Additionally, the objective was to replace the outdated WordPress installation, design a visually appealing website that resonated with the Denver Bachelorette brand, and seamlessly integrate Hostaway’s booking PMS software for efficient direct bookings.


With a clean slate, Your Wish Digital successfully reinstalled WordPress, transforming the Denver Bachelorette’s online presence. The new website not only aligned with the brand but also incorporated modern features to enhance user engagement.

The optimization efforts addressed the lagging issues caused by oversized media files, significantly improving site performance. Moreover, strategic SEO implementation resulted in improved visibility on Google search results.

The integration of Hostaway’s booking PMS software streamlined the booking process, providing a seamless experience for users. The collaboration between The Denver Bachelorette  and Tamara from  Your Wish Digital achieved a successful digital transformation, showcasing the positive impact of effective web design and optimization strategies.

Mockup of Denver Bachelorette Website Design by Your Wish Digital, showcasing a fresh and modern web design transformation.