ECT Amy Tee  – Website Re-design & Logo Update


As a comedian with an empowering story that inspires others to be their authentic self, a website that expresses that is crucial to your brand. 

Our client, Amy Tee had a website that was outdated, it did not work on mobile devices and it no longer resonated with website users of today. 

ECT Logo Design by Yourwishdigital - New Jersey marketing agency Omnia Tamara

Our Solution

We started by learning about Amy’s story, what her audience expects and learns at her events. We then took that information and created a new website flow that takes the user on a journey from one page to the next. We then updated her logo to be more authentic with her life now. 

The Results

A modern, user friendly and responsive website that allows all of Amy’s fan base to learn more about her story, her comedy shows and book her for an event – all in one place. Her updated logo sits nicely on the top of her website and is easy, recognizable and sleek. 

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