Client Case Study.
Beyond the Mic: Amy Tee's Comedy Redefined in the Digital Realm

Client Overview: Amy Tee, a trailblazing comedian with a powerful message of self-empowerment, sought to elevate her digital presence to match the dynamism of her on-stage persona. Facing challenges posed by an outdated website and a lack of mobile compatibility, Amy recognized the need for a strategic transformation to better connect with her audience in the contemporary digital landscape.

Project Overview: In collaboration with the renowned comedian and motivational speaker, Amy Tee, our team undertook a transformative project to revamp her digital identity and empower her message of self-empowerment through humor. Faced with the challenges of an outdated website and limited reach due to mobile incompatibility, Amy Tee’s journey began with seeking recommendations from friends, leading her to Tamara from Your Wish Digital. Together, we engaged in an in-depth exploration of Amy Tee’s comedic style, brand essence, and audience preferences.

The Challenge:

Our clients HTML website before Your Wish Digital took over and revamped her Logo and website design for 2023.

Outdated Website:

  • Amy Tee’s existing website had become obsolete, failing to align with the preferences of today’s tech-savvy audience.

Limited Reach:

  • The outdated design and lack of mobile compatibility were hindering Amy Tee’s ability to connect with a broader demographic, limiting her audience outreach.

User Experience Barriers:

  • The website’s functionality was compromised, posing obstacles to an optimal user experience and potentially deterring engagement.

Before (Client Website)

Our clients HTML website before Your Wish Digital took over and revamped her Logo and website design for 2023.

Planning: Your Wish Digital's Objective & Goals

We delved into Amy’s story, audience, and goals, crafting a smooth website flow.

Her logo underwent a transformation to mirror her present life and values. Drawing on our proficiency in graphic design, branding, and WordPress development, we created a unified online identity that authentically conveys Amy’s empowering message

Your Wish Digital (Marketing) | Our Results:

In the capable hands of our UX Designer, Tamara, owner and website designer at Your Wish Digital, a modern, responsive, and user-friendly website emerged as the cornerstone of Amy Tee’s revamped digital presence. Tamara’s expertise in user experience (UX) design ensured that the website not only met contemporary standards but exceeded them, offering an engaging platform for Amy Tee’s audience.

Website Redesign: Tamara’s thoughtful approach to UX design resulted in a website that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. Amy Tee’s revitalized online space is now a dynamic hub that captures her vibrant personality. The modern design not only resonates with today’s digital audience but also ensures a delightful user experience across various devices.

Logo Transformation: In tandem with the website overhaul, the logo underwent a transformation led by Omnia, a skilled designer at Your Wish Digital. The revitalized logo is now sleek, highly recognizable, and perfectly aligned with Amy Tee’s current brand identity. It serves as a visual beacon, embodying the essence of Amy Tee’s comedy and self-empowerment message.

ECT Logo Design by Yourwishdigital - New Jersey marketing agency Omnia Tamara

New Logo

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Results: New Client Website

The redesigned website and logo is more than a visual upgrade; it’s a functional masterpiece. With intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface, fans seamlessly explore Amy Tee’s journey, access information on upcoming events, and effortlessly book tickets for comedy shows along the New England and New York coastlines. This immersive experience ensures fans stay informed and engaged.