Transforming a Short-Term Rental Property Website with an Innovative Design

Client Overview: Bare Paradise Properties, an exclusive adult-only vacation destination nestled in the heart of Panama City Beach, Florida, boasts an immaculate property that offers unparalleled luxury and relaxation. However, the same level of refinement did not extend to their website at the time.

Challenges: The existing website owned by Bare Paradise Properties presented several challenges.

  • Lack of User Functionality:
    • The existing website was deficient in crucial user functionalities, limiting the overall user experience for visitors.
  • Loading Issues:
    • The website suffered from performance issues, particularly in terms of loading time, hindering smooth navigation for users.
  • Erratic Font and Illegible Colors:
    • The design elements, including font choices and color schemes, were inconsistent and illegible, contributing to a visually unappealing and confusing user interface.
  • Suboptimal User Experience:
    • Cumulatively, the aforementioned issues resulted in a suboptimal user experience, potentially affecting the overall impression of Bare Paradise Properties.

These challenges prompted the owners to seek professional assistance, leading to the collaboration with Your Wish Digital for a comprehensive website redesign.

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Objective and Goals

The primary objective of this collaboration with Bare Paradise Properties is to elevate their online presence and user experience through a strategic website redesign. Our goal is to address the existing challenges, including a lack of user functionality, loading issues,  website errors and design inconsistencies, by implementing a modern, intuitive, and visually appealing website.

The transformation of BSS a short-term rental property website into a functional, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and informative destination for an enhanced guest experience. Website by Your Wish Digital in Kinnelon, New Jersey by Tamara Stampone

Our Results:

Tamara from Your Wish Digital (Marketing) in New Jersey worked alongside the owners of Bare Paradise to a craft a seamless online platform that not only highlights the exceptional offerings of  this amazing airbnb but also enriches user engagement and satisfaction. Through the alignment of the website with contemporary design standards and performance optimization, our ultimate objective is to establish Bare Paradise Properties as a distinguished adult-only vacation destination with a captivating and user-friendly online identity.

Additionally, our collaboration extends to supporting the owner in enhancing their digital marketing endeavors on platforms such as Instagram, aimed at bolstering their overall online visibility and appeal.

YWD Client Feedback

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I highly recommend Your Wish Digital, they created a brand new website and logo for me and my brand, the process was easy and they had a great vision.
I am thoroughly impressed by the promptness, expertise, and unwavering commitment displayed by Tamara and her company; Your Wish Digital in ensuring customer satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any business seeking to enhance their online presence.
Tamara and Omnia are amazing! Very responsive, and intuitive to client needs. They are a very hardworking duo, who are super easy to talk to and to work with. I'm very happy with the results of the website and the logo that they both created for my business! 11 out of 10 stars! Highly recommend.
Working with Tamara from Your Wish Digital to create my website was the best thing I did for my business. She is always there to help me, and I am learning so many things from her. She has helped me grow my business in a great way.
The team at Your Wish Digital did an amazing job on my comedy website. They created a new logo and my entire site far exceeded my expectations. Their communication was outstanding and they provided simple video instructions on how to updated on my own. I have recommended many times over and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their work.
We have been very happy with our new website,it looks professional and very easy to navigate,our experience has been great.thay handle things very efficiently and are available for questioning anytime and also keeping us updating on our site.definitely recommend for making website.