Increase Sales with Better Product Photos

Photography is an essential component of any business, and product photography is especially important for e-commerce businesses and those of you looking to increase sales. When you’re selling a product that people can’t pick up and inspect in-person, your photos are the only way customers can judge what they’re about to buy, but how do you get your products to look like they were shot by a professional if you don’t have a budget to hire one?

Here are some tips that will help your business increase sales with better product photos.

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Camera settings

One way to increase sales with better product photos is through your camera settings.

A DSLR, Mirrorless camera or even your smartphone camera should be good enough to get started. Make sure to adjust your settings so that your product is in focus. There are a number of different ways to do this, we recommend setting your ISO between 100 and 200. This will reduce the amount of noise you see in your photos.

Make sure that you shoot far enough away from the product. This will help create a stronger depth of field to separate the product from the background. The focal length will determine how much of the product is in the frame. Use a wide aperture to ensure your background is out of focus, and use the higher numbers for products that require a close-up shot.

if shooting wide open Ie a big aperture like f2.8 or F1.8 or F1.4 or F1.2 it will allow a lot of light gathering but also the smallest amount of whats in focus .

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Lighting techniques

Another way to increase sales with better product photos is through lighting techniques.

Lighting can make or break your photo especially when trying to increase sales of your product on social media.

Try to find a space that has natural light (like a big window) and use it to your advantage! The light from an open window can provide enough lighting for small objects like jewelry or watches.

If you don’t have access to windows or natural light, get creative—use lamps or string lights to create a soft glow around your products. This will make them look much more appealing than if you had just taken the picture in front of a white wall.

Before you start shooting, take a few test shots with your flash on to see if it’s lighting up all of the product or just part of it, and adjust accordingly, side note—you want even coverage across your product.

Remember: If you are using Flash for a light source the wider open the lens the more light from the flash will be present in the image. You will want to find a balance between the flash and natural light, this can be achieved by stopping downtime lens a bit. Keeping all this in mind if using flash it will determine what the color of the background is so your white background can be anything from white to grey or black depending on how bright and close your flash is in relation to the background. 

Not all products work well with flash on. Some products, especially if its reflective – flash is not your friend. If you want to increase the sales of your product, and your product has a reflective surface, you’ll need a diffuser.

This will allow light to bounce off the glass or metal surface, creating a natural glow. A reflector can also be used for this purpose, but it’s not as effective because it doesn’t diffuse light evenly across all angles. If you don’t have one available at home or are working in low-light conditions, try using white paper as your diffuser instead!

Once your lighting is all set up and ready to go, it’s time for the fun part! Shoot as many images as possible using different angles, backgrounds, props (if necessary), etc., until you find your favorite ones. It may take a while before something really clicks, so don’t worry if it takes a while before getting into the groove – this happens often.

The image showcases a product photography service offered by YourWish Digital Marketing. This service is likely designed to help businesses capture high-quality images of their products, which can be used in various marketing materials such as online stores, social media, and print advertisements.

Lastly, when looking for ways to increase sales by taking better product photos it’s really important to remember that product photography is just one part of marketing. It’s crucial for most brands, as it helps consumers visualize how the product will look in real-life settings. But of course it does not replace the rest of the marketing strategy —it can’t replace good copywriting or content strategy, but if you get the photos right, they help make the words feel right too.  

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