Video Marketing Service by Your Wish Digital

Video is the most powerful
form of marketing

Video Marketing Service

As a business, you only have a few seconds to catch your audience’s attention; so why not use the best of them to show them what your products can do?

We offer Product Demo Videos, Explainer Video and Promotional Video.

Video Marketing Service

Demo Video Service

Video marketing is an exciting way to engage your audience and provide valuable information about your brand. 

Whether you’re creating an application, software, or physical product, a Demo Video is the perfect way to put your product in front of your audience and show them how your product works. 

Get customers to buy from you, increase sales and rank higher in search results with video. Video marketing is the single most effective way to transform your website into a lead generation machine, increase traffic and improve conversions.

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Video is Engaging

Video is the fastest-growing medium, and watch time on mobile devices is on the rise. Video marketing is a great way to attract customers and increase sales.

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Video Marketing Service

Promo Video Service

We all know that video is a great way to show how your product works, but what if you could do more than that? Like entice your audience to purchase your product? 

YourWish Digital Marketing Is a marketing service to help small business and brands sell their products through social media, product promotional videos on YouTube. Our videos are engaging and informative at the same time and usable up to three different video formats ( Facebook ads, Instagram ads and YouTube ads) .

We specialize in the following Promotional Videos. 

Video Marketing Service

IG Reels & TikTok

With vertical video like, IG Reels and YouTube Shorts –  brands can now engage with their audiences in a better way. Brands can go beyond the ready-made videos and create an engaging digital canvas for their target audience.

We conceptualize, shoot, edit and repurpose digital content that is personalized for you and your brand. 

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94% of marketers say using video content
has helped increase user understanding of a product or service.

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Your Wish is Our Command

How We Differ

Using video marketing in your online presence can give a good first impression of your business. Engage more customers, provide more information and increase sales opportunities by creating a great experience for all of your customers.

We listen

We'll first chat with you one-on-one about your vision and your goals, so we can make sure we're aligned from the very beginning.

We Strategize

Based on what we learned from you in our initial chat, we'll build a strategy that is tailored specifically to help you reach your goals and get the results you're looking for—no matter what they are!

You Relax

Once we've built the strategy, we'll take over the rest—so you can focus on running your business while we focus on growing it.

Film It

We offer two options. You Shoot - We Edit. We Shoot and Edit. We will discuss this over our discovery call.

We Edit

Our team at Your Wish Digital has 10 years and counting experience with video, video production and editing. We will turn your product video into an engaging, scroll stopping product within itself.

See Growth

Once the demo or product promo video is completed, we'll suggest some marketing methods to post it on social media to boost interaction. For maximum growth, combine this service with a social media plan.

Your Wish is Our Command

See what more we can do
for your company.

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