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Our Story

Our diverse backgrounds encompass design, psychology, and communications, granting us a unique advantage in transforming your business’s story into a compelling narrative.

Based in New Jersey, we excel at using design as a powerful storytelling tool, creating a distinctive brand narrative that resonates deeply with your target audience.

We firmly believe that every business possesses its own unique story to share. Our comprehensive service offerings encompass custom website design in North America, UX app design, graphic design services in and around the New Jersey area, and video marketing. Leveraging our team’s collective knowledge and skills, we guarantee that your digital marketing campaigns will rise above the competition.

image of our Copywriter crafting compelling website copy for our clients

Meet Creative Team: Your Wish Digital

We firmly believe that every business is unique, and that’s why our approach sets us apart. Your digital marketing strategy should be as distinctive as your company and its audience, whether your goal is to generate leads or build brand recognition.



Tamara Stampone - YourWish Digital Marketing co-owner, and Video Editor New Jersey

Tamara Stampone, a video producer and video editor with over 10 years of experience in  creating high-quality videos to increase awareness and sales for clients. Working closely with brands of all sizes to strategize, produce and deliver content that turns heads and provides sale notifications. 

Graduated with a B.A in communications from William Patterson University and a background in visual design and UX design from New York University. Tamara guarantees clients a successful digital marketing campaign.



Omnia Youssef's expertise includes working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She has extensive experience in creating logos and brochures for various clients. The portrait showcases her in a professional setting, possibly working on one of her projects.

Omnia Youssef, an enthusiastic graphic designer with a background in social work and a nano degree in digital marketing, brings a unique perspective to her work.

With 3 years of experience as a virtual assistant and graphic designer, she excels in delivering high-quality design work in a timely manner.

Fluent in both English and Arabic, Omnia’s collaborative mindset enables her to work seamlessly with others and achieve the best possible results for her clients.



Profile Picture of Nadia Stampone - Digital Marketing

Nadia Stampone, a full-time ESL teacher and freelance copywriter with a B.A. in Psychology, has a passion for writing and helping others.

With her keen eye for detail and knowledge of current social media trends, she helps clients succeed by crafting compelling content for various platforms.

From website copy to video scripts, Nadia can create persuasive content that captures your brand’s voice and resonates with your target audience.

Your Wish Digital Is Different

At Your Wish Digital, we are not confined by physical boundaries; we are a dynamic team spread across the globe, united by our passion for crafting captivating brand narratives. With half of our team residing in the USA and the other half based abroad we harmoniously collaborate on New York Eastern Standard Time, ensuring seamless communication and efficiency.

Regardless of whether you’re a forward-thinking startup or a well-established enterprise, our mission is clear: to propel your online success. Let’s join forces to craft a customized digital marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your business’s specific requirements. Don’t delay—reach out to us today and set out on an exhilarating journey toward digital excellence

The logo for Your Wish Digital Marketing, a New Jersey-based company that offers web design NJ, WordPress UX design, visual branding, and logo graphic design services to small businesses and brands.
About Your Wish Digital

We listen

We'll first chat with you one-on-one about your vision and your goals, so we can make sure we're aligned from the very beginning.

We Strategize

Based on what we learned from you in our initial chat, we'll build a strategy that is tailored specifically to help you reach your goals and get the results you're looking for—no matter what they are!

You Relax

Once we've built the strategy, we'll take over the rest—so you can focus on running your business while we focus on growing it.