About Your Wish Digital

They Say 'Good Things Come In Three"

Your Wish Digital is a women-led Marketing Agency based in New Jersey that aims to be your personal guide to building your business online and staying ahead of changes to attract customers across the channels they are shopping in.


5 Ways to Generate Leads to Your Website. 

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Meet The Team

Your Wish Digital is made up of a dedicated group of people who have backgrounds in  design, psychology, and communications—people who know how to use design to tell a story about your business.



“The creative process is fueled by divergent thinking — a breaking away from familiar or established ways of seeing and doing.”

With over a decade of experience, Tamara Stampone is a video producer and marketer who specializes in creating high-quality, high-concept videos that help clients increase awareness and boost sales.

With a B.A in communications and her background as a visual designer, video editor and website designer, Tamara helps ensure clients that their business will increase from their digital marketing campaign.

Omnia Youssef - Graphic designer social media marketing at YWD - New Jersey


Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” — Walt Disney

Omnia Youssef is a committed and enthusiastic graphic designer with a B.A in Social work and a nano degree in digital marketing. Fluent in English and Arabic, Omnia has worked as a virtual assistant and social media graphics designer for two years. 

Passion for design and learning while keen eye and sharp mind allows her to quickly process information and deliver excellent work. Combined with her ability to work collaboratively or alone, she thrives in taking on any challenge.

Her belief that everyone has the potential to learn motivates her to push herself to achieve the best results possible.

Profile Picture of Nadia Stampone - Digital Marketing


Copywriter & Product Specialist

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about" - Ben Franklin

With a B.A in Psychology and working part-time as a linguistic teacher and  freelance copywriter, Nadia Stampone’s passion for writing allows her to understand and help others in the best ways possible. Her keen eye, knowledge of current social media trends help clients succeed.

She is here to help provide persuasive copy for your next website or video on any number of social media platforms. 

Your Audience is Waiting

A lot of digital marketing companies will try to push you in a direction you don’t really want to go, or that isn’t right for your audience – Not us. We’ll first chat with you first about your vision and your business goals, so we can make sure we’re aligned from the very beginning.